Rescue 3 France

Rescues are (thankfully) very rare, but when they happen they require quick responses and appropriate reactions to prevent any snowballing circumstances before they start.  The best way to be sure rescue skills are up-to-date and an unthinking reaction to any situtaion, is to be aware that they need to be regularly practiced and honed.  Which is why for the past couple of years Jeremy has been getting in creasingly involved in the Rescue 3 France training programme (  Now he's an instructor and committed to providing and receiving on-going training in emergancy rescue techniques - we're looking forward to welcoming other rafting guides to a training at the Frogs Rafting Base in May.  The aim is that by respecting the potentially hazardous environments in which we work, and by constantly evaluating the risks associated with activies in ever-changing conditions, we can prevent accidents from happening in the first place, and react swiftly and effectively should they occur.

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