Best Rafting in Europe

It's been busy on the Dranse River these past few weeks, but not with visitors keen on trying out rafting for fun (although there has been few intrepid stag parties!).  Just now the river is drawing experienced kayakers from all over, here to challenge themselves on well-known and tricky technical parts of the river,  as well as trainee rafting, canorafting and hydroseeding guides brought here to test their metal and learn how to capsize and right their boats, rescue swimmers and throw their ropes effectively!  

The Dranse isn't a huge river in the way of the Zambezi or Feutaleufu, but it's technically complex.  Its syphons, undercuts and recyclings demand river runners' respect, and it takes a competent guide to successfully navigate it.  As a passenger, it's easy to underestimate the skill it requires to steer the Dranse, because it doesn't look imposing :  green water, the beautiful gorge and incredible scenery make it easy to forget the rapids until you're bounching through them!  

River runners have known about the Dranse for generations, and we're really pleased it's been put on the map as providing some of the  Best Rafting in Europe ! 


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