Autumn hiking

The draw of the mountains is not only for hikers : there are also hunters.  Before you decide your itinerary, double check where you can walk on the day you're planning.  This website shows which days hunters are active where, and you can download the app - use it as a guide, but obviously if you arrive in a place and there's evidence of huners (people with high-viz bits and cammo gear, hunting dogs, guns...) best to stear clear.  There are tragedies every year, and righteous indignation is not worth the danger of a bullet.

Ideally you'll also leave the area in the same state (or better - pick up any litter you find!) that you find it.  There are lots of tips about how to make sure that hikes remain enjoyable for everyone, including future generations, in this great blog  It's based in the US, but everything works across the pond in Europe too!

Happy trails!

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