Summer 2020 : what we know....

The idea of hours before me without any constructive plan about how to fill them was not appealing, but I really threw myself at lockdown life, and it turns out I’m a skilled time-waster!  Now, it’s the looming question of when it’s going to end - and how and who for - that makes me anxious.  This is a little because I’m lazy, but mainly because it’s horribly unsettling that nobody has any better idea than I do about what’s next.  While it's fabulous news that our area is in the Green Zone, I'm still at sea about what'll happen next!  Logistially there are lots of interpretations of the regulations, and in terms of what's allowed we’ve heard alternately that summer’s cancelled / there’ll be partial lock-down for different regions / sections of society / professions; it could be all over by June / July / August;  school holidays will be cancelled / postponed / continued until September... More specifically for outdoor and aquatic activities, we've heard variously that they’ll likely go-ahead, then that it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do anything!  

Initially I took each suggestion as fact and started madly scenario and contingency planning. This was exhausting, stressful, and ridiculous.  I’ve since resorted to believing my own best-case scenario as fact which, while equally ridiculous, is far less exhausting.  Rather than try to win you over with my dream-win-win-scenario (which is based on no reality other than my having found a four-leaf clover) I thought I’d tell you a few things I DO know to be fact:

If we can be on the river and in the canyon, we will be.

We would love to see you

We take guest and guide health and safety very seriously, so of course we’ll be following any and all health / Covid -19 advice to the letter - we are in contact with our professional insurers, who are representing the industry to the french gov advisors.

I know of several local accommodation providers who are guaranteeing to refund bookings up to the last minute and doing everything they can to be flexible when taking bookings this summer (see our Facebook page for shared info, or contact us directly for more info).  We all understand how difficult it is to commit to anything, and the anxiety of making any plans right now. 

We don’t need your money until you know you’re going to be here, so we don’t need deposits until the week before your trip BUT…..

….we do need to know if you’d like to come so we can help our guides plan their summer schedules!  If you’ve even the slightest notion of holidaying in the Alps this summer, even if it’s a day-dream, let us know!  

We’re happy to pencil in a reservation, and if you have to pull out at the last minute, c’est la vie!  Equally, when we learn more about the requirements we’ll have to adhere to, we might have to alter the details of your trips (minimum numbers, one family per boat etc) : please bear with us while we adjust our activities in light of new regulations.  In the meantime, we're hoping that you and your family and friends are keeping safe - and fingers crossed we'll see you soon!


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