Summer speculations...


While we’re not certain of much more than in my last blog post, we are learning to roll with the uncertainty of the Covid-19 / summer tourism situation.  At the time of writing, we’re very happy to be living in a green zone, and it seems the local population is taking scientific advice about social distancing, limiting contact and hygiene seriously: as a tourist area, we’re well aware of how important it is to adhere to the regulations so we don’t damage trade.

After recent announcements (but in the absence of anything solid regarding commercial rafting trips) Jeremy's been in training for summer by doing trips with pals (do you recognise any...!?*  Photos from Salvadon's Canyon in Sixt Fer à Cheval).  And we’ve been making educated guesses about likely requirements.  We’ve sourced some excellent cleaning products for the wetsuits which are both anti Covid-19 and ecological, and we’re awaiting confirmation that they’re Government approved.  The upside of not taking so many of you down the river as usual this year is it means wetsuits will be able to rest between each use - not only will they be disinfected, they’ll be dried and rested for 24hrs each. 

Those of you who’ve visited before know that there used to be a changing room in the interior, as well as a tent outside.  This year we’ll be separating groups into ‘confinement buddies’ - i.e. just the people you came with: if you’re confined with a group of people, you’ll be getting changed with them!   The most exciting part of this year for me so far is that we’ve also got another changing room (a later blog post will explain my changing-room over-enthusiasm) so everyone will be able to get into their wetsuits without contacting others.  

In the past we’ve mixed groups in boats, however this year it's likely every rafting boat will be a private trip!  It’s likely we’ll be able to mix up smaller groups for hydrospeeding where everyone keeps a good distance between one another, but in the boats it’ll be a ‘one party, one boat’ situation until we know more.  It’s also likely there’ll be a maximum of 6 people per boat (plus the guide) .  This way we can be sure to avoid guests coming into contact with one another.  The up-side of this, is that there’ll be more time to chill out in the garden (which nature has taken over in the lock down - we’re battling bees, flowers and laden fruit trees!).

For now, all of this is speculation - as we get new information we adjust our plans, so it’s likely we’ll know more next week, and even more after the 21st June.  But it is looking increasingly  that we’ll be able to see you when you’re on holidays, so we’re keeping positive!   If you have any advice or questions, we’d be pleased to hear them - it’s important we try to anticipate all problems or queries, so do let us know.  Equally, if you’re thinking of coming on holiday and you’re considering some outdoor adventures, we want to hear from you…It’s beautiful here just now - we can’t wait to share it with you!


* photos feature driver Anna and guide Dams
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