Mille mercis...

It's amazing to be able to take the time to enjoy the autumn views after a hectic summer! It was touch-and-go with the drought and water-restrictions, and this year - more than any we've known so far - has certainly highlighted how much we rely on the natural environment in which we live, and the importance of respecting and protecting it.   No-one on the river has ever known conditions like we faced this summer - and continuing even now - it's only due to everyone pulling together that we've managed to weather the drought. 

Many thanks to a fabulous team who pulled together, kept their sense of humour and smiles despite the many challenges we were confronted with.  

Our fabulous guides who got every boat down without letting on how challenging it was (Seb, Nono, Mathieu, Ben, Marie, Sylvain, Popo, Martial & Vincent); our flexible and organised secretary who spent afternoons re-arranging and then re-arranging again each trip according to the dam opening times, after mornings washing wetsuits and kitting out guests - without ever an irritated word (Karen); our good-humoured and efficient drivers and photographers who helped get everyone onto the river in time, and made sure to snap memories everyone could take away (Anna & Bekca) !  Thanks too to PowderCab for never complaining about our ever-changing drop-off and collection times, and to The Mountain Lodge Company and Jack and Jill Holidays for helping us out when our vehicles let us down.  

And to everyone who made the effort to come to play despite legitimate worries about water levels - it’s down to you that we've managed to battle through two years of Covid and then another year like no other!  Without your support and word-of-mouth, there's no way we'd have made it through the last three years.  Thank you.  

Finally, our apologies to all the people we couldn’t get on the river or in the canyon this year - our availability was cut in half, we very much hope it'll be back to normal next year : please do come and visit us in the future!

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